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Mykele Kitterman

Artist/Owner/CEO/Web Designer

The number one question I get asked is, “why The Cat Mechanic?” The simple answer: I like cats! The slightly longer answer is that I have had cats all my life and I have done a lot of fostering, mostly for kittens who need bottle feeding. My friends consider me a bit of a cat whisperer. I’m always trying to ‘fix’ cats, thus The Cat Mechanic was born.

I cannot remember a time when I did not make art of one sort or another. It started with drawing and developed outwards into other areas. I started to learn simple chainmaille about ten years ago. I only started to learn the more complex patterns in the last few years. I got into the wire wrapping about two years ago. I have dabbled in many other arts and crafts over the years; some just stick better than others.


I began going to small shows and trying to sell my art in 2014. It was just a portfolio of my drawings on a mostly empty table. The jewelry gradually crept in, slowly taking over more and more real estate. Now I only offer my prints online and the jewelry owns the shows.

I love making beautiful things and now I love getting to share them with others.


The cats of The Cat Mechanic




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