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These are my foray into the world of painting. I started experimenting with poured painting in June of 2019. I started out on small canvases and river rocks. Most of the rocks I hide around town for my local rock-hiding Facebook group.

My first dot mandala rock was in October of 2019. Like the pour painting I started out on river rocks, now I have begun learning how to make my own rocks with molds and plaster.

I started painting cute cat-themed rocks in October of 2021 (apparently October is my month for trying new things!). Most of these end up hidden around town but I have had enough interest in them that I now offer them in my Etsy store.

Painting is still mostly a side hobby for me, but I hope that you enjoy what I have presented here.


Painted Rocks


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Last Updated on August 17, 2022 by The Cat Mechanic